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Mallakhamb – Indian Pole Gymnastics

Mallakhamb Side Lever

One aim of this site is to help expose students of yoga and physical culture to some of the limitless ways humans around the world have found to move better and get stronger.

Mallakhamb is particularly interesting, having its origins in Kushti – Indian Wrestling. The pole was used as a training ‘partner’ to develop jumping leg locks and the like. From there imagination and art took over. One can see any number of yoga like movements being performed with grace, dexterity and incredible speed.

Here is an example of the finest film i have seen on the subject. Its rather long, so watch it at your leisure or just bit by bit. It is sure to inspire you.

Anyone knowing more about the history of this film please comment, i have never seen such a refined display of the art of Mallakhamb as is shown here. I would love to know where its from.

From here YouTube will lead the interested to all form of other interesting videos, for now, we present the crème de la crème.