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Strand Pulling Guides by Fatman and Brad Reid


Fatman has kindly given permission to distribute his excellent Guide to Cable Training. The guide is a very comprehensive manual, describing in great detail the exercises that can be performed, as well as benefits, programing ideas and even his thoughts on nutrition.

Having overdone certain actions in my own yoga practice, i managed to create a set of shoulder issues that stopped me dead on my mat. Thanks to discovering tools like stretch bands, and how to intelligently use them, my shoulders are much more resilient than before. I’ve also been happy to pass this on to my other ‘shoulder’ students with great success.


However the bands don’t stop with therapeutic use, they are a legitimate tool for building shoulder and upper body strength with many advantages. First on the functional level, the bands create resistance in the line they are pulled, rather than against gravity. This means that we can approach strengthening the shoulder region from an almost limitless number of angles. I often call this off angle work ‘filling in the holes’ and i consider it be of great importance and often higly neglected.

Moreover the cables are light, don’t take up much space, and are comparatively inexpensive.

For those interested, below are links to two pdf files. One Fatman’s outstanding guide. It is quite a read, at 92 pages the other a nice brief guide by Brad Reid with a couple of unusual but useful exercises.

We present these materials in interest of keeping the history alive, with all the fads and trends that come and go in the modern fitness world some of the best tools are now largely forgotten. Please use these to your benefit.


Fatman’s Guide to Cable Training (PDF)

A Primer on Cable Training – Brad Reid (PDF)