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Novel Movement Series with Cory Blickenstaff: Hip and Spine

Physical Therapist Cory Blickenstaff has begun releasing a very helpful series on what he calls Novel Movments. With his permission i post the series here as the applications for movement, prehab and warm up are obvious. The movements themselves are deceptively simple, and though novel will be at least somewhat familiar to yoga students.

Notice however, the emphasis on movement and not stretch. We want to make these movements fluid, natural, unforced. Particularly for those with pain issues, less is more.

The interesting thing with this type of movement is that by simple unforced observation, they will of their own accord begin to open up. There is no need to force or hurry into the stretch.

Its this kind of simplicity that we need more of in our yoga and movement practice, there is no where to go in reality. Its the exploration, and letting it reveal in the most natural of ways what quality movement is. All too often – Less is More!

Here Cory shows a movement very familiar to yoga practitioners, often referred to as the Cat – Cow exercise. He also shows some very nice variations and ways to visualize the movement.