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Stronger Healthier Shoulders with Resistance Cables

May 21, 2011


Vintage Chest Expanders were often made from Steel Springs

A trip to Studio  8 will confirm that resistance cables have a real place in our physical maintenance routine.

Modern Chest Expanders are made with rubber, no pinching!

Don’t let those slender brightly colored bands fool you, they are a serious tool, and a cornerstone of my personal program for building bullet proof shoulders.

Cables allow the user to work the shoulders from a wide range of unusual angles, are easy  on the joints, and give greater shoulder mobility while at the same time strengthening  the shoulder girdle.

They are also excellent for developing healthy shoulder movement patterning.

Depending on the amount of resistance they can be used for light warm ups, or to build serious shoulder and upper body strength.

Though currently out of vogue in most gyms, they are commonly used in bodyweight, gymnastics and pilates cultures. In yoga, Studio 8 is working to bring them into the field as a useful aid. We have a large selection of bands that we find more and more uses for. They provide a different type of resistance than iron weights, which is very suitable for trainees working more directly with their bodies.

Though long forgotten, rubber tubing has been in use for over a century, and was once one of the more popular forms of resistance training, now making a return, for the same reasons it was originally popular. Bands are easy to carry, don’t take up much space, and are relatively inexpensive, as well as wonderfully effective.

Cover of Syd Devis' classic guide to Strand Pulling

Join us for a short introduction to the world of resistance band training. where we will learn the classic pulls. Suitable for students of all levels.

More information on bands see Strand Pulling Guides by Fatman and Brad Reid.


Studio 8 The Yoga Center
Hietalahdenkatu 8 A 18

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