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Novel Movement Series with Cory Blickenstaff: Hand, Wrist and Elbow

Wrist and elbow pain are quite common nowadays, perhaps due to all the time we spend with a computer mouse in our hands, and at a keyboard.

This simple routine from Physical Therapist Cory Blickenstaff is one of the best I’ve used. It is particularly effective on chronically painful wrists and elbows, the type of pain doesn’t seem to want to go away.

Though seemingly simple the movements are powerful, and need not be done in a strained manner to be effective, think of loosening and getting all the fibers (especially the nerve fibers) to move freely within the forearm and you’ll have the right idea.

The novel movement concept revolves around moving in unfamiliar ways, to stimulate the brain to reconstruct its ‘image’ of the area. The brain ‘holds on’ to pain well after muscles and joints have had time to heal. Novel movments help allow the brian and its connections throughout the body via the nervous system, to rewire any faulty connections.

Just like your telephone network, these connections are real but we are unaware of them, there is a part of the brain responsible for that, and its that part of the brain these exercises speak to.

That’s also why there is no need to strain to do these, in fact the less strained, the more effective they will be.