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Swami Swahananda Memorial

Swami Swahananda

On oct 19, 2012 my beloved guru Swami Swahananda of the Vedanta Society of Southern California passed away.

Swami Swahananda was a unique figure in spirituality in many ways. He was a very natural man, he didn’t play act his spirituality, he was his spirituality.

Compared to many other teachers, he didn’t have a lot of the wow factor. Something that many didn’t appreciate, but after having known and watched him over nearly 20 years I grew to appreciate more and more. The quest for realisation has little to do with play acting, though it may help at first. Swami Swahanda embodied this natural and honest expression of spirituality.

He directly taught only a few ideas to me, yet they shaped my life and pursuit of understanding fully, and perhaps only now are they beginning to bear fruit. Some of the teachings I’m honour bound not to repeat, but the key ideas I can.

Swami Swahanand’s Teachings

– Don’t be a fanatic.

– Don’t accept the truth, dig for it, find it our for yourself regardless of what others tell you.

– Think about it everyday.

– Anything you do to increase spiritual feeling is good.

– A great deal of spiritual development is about ‘man building’ or ‘women building’.

– Most mysticism is just the working of the subconscious mind.

– If we have mystical experiences, it means that we have drilled our thinking of the truth into the subconscious mind, nothing more.

– There is no one right way, everyone is entitled to find their way.

– A teachers job is to support an individual’s search, not force it in a certain direction.

The first two were what I found to be the most important and wish so dearly that as a global community we could understand.

Thank you beloved Mahraj for the time you spent with me and all the devotes. Your quiet peace, power and personality will be sorely missed.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi
Hari Om Tat Sat