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Are props really cheating?


After a recent extensive workshop revolving around the use of props the final comment I got was, ‘I still feel like using props is cheating’.

Personally I have no idea why, but in some circles the idea of using anything to help them do yoga is so strongly ingrained that they prefer to flounder for years making little to no progress rather than submit to using an evil prop. (While of course forgetting the ever-present yoga mat is also a prop, and was invented by the foremost master of props, B.K.S. Iyengar)

Props were always completely natural and logical to me, it started with forward bends and wanting to find ways to help create more extension in my spine and more flexion in my hips. I took an old skateboard and held on to it, I could pull up to lengthen and towards my feet to get down. It worked great and I made quick progress.

I want to share a nice video of top level USAG Coach Tammy Biggs during another day at the office for her. I’ll be surprised If you watch this and still think props are for sissies.

However, if you are an average yoga student, please, don’t try this at home, remember get the basics rock solid first and foremost.