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A Course in Meditation


Meditation is an all encompassing term for just about anything requiring deeper thought, feeling or reflection. In it’s most general sense, meditation may be spiritual or mundane. We can meditate on the meal we just ate or the meaning of life. For our purposes, lets focus our definition a bit, and say meditation is reflecting read more…

Swami Swahananda Memorial

Swami Swahananda

On oct 19, 2012 my beloved guru Swami Swahananda of the Vedanta Society of Southern California passed away. Swami Swahananda was a unique figure in spirituality in many ways. He was a very natural man, he didn’t play act his spirituality, he was his spirituality. Compared to many other teachers, he didn’t have a lot read more…

Swami Vivekananda – How Yoga Won the West


Ann Louise Bardach has recently written an article for the New York times giving a brief introduction to Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekanda’s thoughts have been very influential not only in his native India but worldwide. Arguably he was the first personality to widely disseminate¬†yoga in the west, though as the article clearly points out in read more…